Training in Chihuahua

The Oil and Flush team and Ben Hartman of MRT Laboratories in Chihuahua, Mexico on June 7, 2019 for a day of training on taking the optimal oil samples for laboratory analysis and on analyzing oil analysis reports with advanced testing. Thank you, Oil and Flush, for a great audience asking challenging questions!

Elevated MPC – is there varnish?

Four moderately elevated MPC filter patches, averaging a Delta E of 38. These are from lube oil of natural gas turbines. The oil has been in service for many years. Is there varnish? Can you be certain with only these two pieces of information? …Come find out this Monday night, March 18 at the ASME…

New Heptane Recovery Equipment

Thank you, Specialty Glass, Inc. of Rosharon, TX for another excellent piece of custom glassware for our laboratory.  We can now clean and RECYCLE heptane to be used for cleaning purposes.  Our new device is working perfectly and we’re making a meaningful reduction in our annual waste stream.  FYI, vapors are captured.

A Full Day of Coolant Analysis

Most machine coolant analysis requires gas chromatography to determine the type of glycol in the coolant mixture. The percentage of glycol in a coolant and the freezing point are two of the most common tests ensuring a proper coolant blend, but calculating these two results begin by assuming the type of glycol base.  In the…