municipal water

Municipal utility systems have incorporated significantly advanced technology over the past several decades to achieve ever-increasing regulatory requirements and system reliability.  At MRT Laboratories, we recognize superintendents and operators have become more dependent on the transmission, collection and process functions of mechanized equipment to achieve their goals.  From basic water distribution pumping systems to complex treatment processes, we help both large and small utilities obtain optimal performance through the full life-cycle of their mechanical equipment.

MRT Laboratories can provide responsive or routine oil analysis for the operators of water and wastewater systems.   For water production we examine oil from pumping systems, sedimentation cleaning mechanisms, centrifuges, belt presses, screw presses and other solids dewatering equipment.  In wastewater we analyze treatment systems with a diverse and complex array of equipment.  This includes simple mechanical pumping systems, mixers, clarifier gearboxes, aeration systems, along with dewatering equipment.  We also focus on examining the lubricating oil in backup power systems along with the diesel fuel itself.

MRT Laboratories pays close attention to metal wear particles, oil cleanliness, and water content, as we understand that degradation from corrosive, variable speed and high torque conditions provides numerous opportunities for compromised performance and increased maintenance costs.

For municipal water and wastewater systems, our engagement typically includes a review of available P&IDs and as-built drawings to identify mechanical equipment requiring routine analysis.  Our knowledge of the information allows us to design a lube oil analysis program applicable to the needs of each individual utility.