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ASTM D6304

ASTM D 7414

ASTM D 974

ASTM D1500

Check the Oil Condition on a routine basis

Viscosity to validate proper oil and check for the effect of contamination

Moisture by Karl Fischer titration

Fourier Transform Infrared for Oxidation and Phenolic Additive

Depletion, fuel dilution, and coolant contamination

Acid Number tracks oil oxidation at the most basic level

Color of oil

ASTM D 6595

ISO 4406

Check the Equipment Condition on a routine basis

Elemental Analysis by Emission Spectroscopy, check for machine wear

particles, oil additives, and contaminants

Laser Particle Count to measure oil cleanliness

Direct Read Ferrography for concentration of iron particles from

corrosion or rotating equipment wear

Analytical Ferrography, microscopic analysis of the nature of machine

wear particles


ASTM D6971

ASTM D7843

Semi Annual Varnish Testing

Ruler - measuring the remaining antioxidants in the oil to estimate useful


Membrane Patch Colorimetry to quantify the concentration of sub

micron particles that can cause varnish


ASTM D1401

ASTM D2272

Annual Oil Condition Testing

Demulsibility to determine whether the oil can properly separate from


RPVOT can estimate the remaining life of the oil through an accelerated

oxidation lab test