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Need Oil Analysis During COVID-19? MRT Is Here For You.

The need for oil analysis does not diminish, even during a pandemic. MRT Laboratories can assist you in keeping your equipment running efficiently during these difficult times.

While many businesses have been able to successfully transition to remote work during COVID-19, for many personnel in critical industries such as power generation, transportation, and manufacturing, this is not a practicable option.

For these operators, the need to maintain equipment up-time is as real as ever.

MRT has been fortunate to, so far, have zero employees affected by COVID-19.

We are playing our part to help curb this illness by incorporating proper social distancing, mandatory masks, daily temperature checks, and other measures to ensure the safety of both our employees and customers.

Please be informed that we are ready for all your lubricating oil, fuel, coolant, refrigerant, and advanced testing needs during these unusual and difficult times, with no significant impact to our working availability or turn-around time. Same-Day Service is also available.

We continue to offer fast, accurate results to help you maximize your productivity.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time for quotes or consultation at 713-944-8381, or by email at info@mrtlaboratories.com.

Thank you very much. Stay safe and sound!

Tue May 12 2020, by Aaron Payan, CLS
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