Expert laboratory analysis of machine fluids

Maximize runtime. Prevent failures. Improve efficiency. Lower costs.


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Why MRT?

Our laboratory has been in business since 2000 and we maintain ISO 17025 accreditation.

To every client we provide lab test accuracy, timely, results, industry experience to the analysis, training for report interpretation onsite, and personalized service recommending action when your equipment or machine fluid need immediate attention.

mrt home
mrt home

The additional advantages for choosing us:

In-person/over the phone consultations: Our Star Monitoring program includes post analysis consultation with an MRT laboratory professional.

We are where you are: MRT’s laboratory is conveniently located near the ship channel in Houston, Texas, a hub of Gulf Coast refining and petrochemicals.

Our services integrate with your condition-based maintenance program: MRT will establish sampling frequency objectives, track scheduling of sample submittal and identify result trends so customers don’t have to. We can alert customers when sampling is behind or if there is reason for concern based on lab results.

We include lab results and portfolio analysis capability online: with MRT Tracker, our customer data portal, we retain machine fluid sampling history plus we offer the ability to analyze your equipment portfolio for reporting purposes and goal setting.

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