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Fuel Analysis

Why Perform Fuel Testing?

  • Excellent Value - MRT is able to provide vital information pertaining to the health of your diesel supply, as well as clues pertaining to the state of your engine, all at low cost and fast turn-around.
  • Wide Range of Diagnostics - Every fuel sample can be tested on key properties such as flash point, water content, particle count, and more. MRT is also able to quantify microbial contamination, which is an ever-increasing problem for today's diesel fuels.
  • Microscopic Analysis Available - MRT is able to employ its decades of experience in microscopic analysis to assess issues in diesel fuels as well as diesel filters. Common issues we are able to diagnose include contamination from red oxides, ferrous debris, and microbial organisms.

Will Your Fuel Be Ready When You Need It?

Will your fuel be suitable for use in an emergency? The diesel fuel in emergency generators and fire pumps can degrade, become contaminated, or clog injectors. The turn-over rate is low for most diesel fuel supplies since the engines are usually only tested for 1 or 2 hours each month.

Emergency diesel supplies should be monitored on a semi-annual basis to ensure the fuel is of a quality to meet your critical needs. Microbial contamination is a very common issue in diesel fuel.

We analyze diesel fuel samples with one or all of the following tests: water contamination in ppm, corrosion and contaminant metals, viscosity, flash point, microbial contamination, copper strip corrosion, specific and API Gravity, sediment by filtration, and microscopic examination for algae, gum, and corrosion. We also manage the outsourcing of sulfur in ppm.

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