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Complete Access to Your Machine Fluid Analysis Portfolio

To all MRT clients we distribute lab reports via email once a batch of samples is analyzed and our commentary is completed. Equally important we empower all customers to manage their portfolio using MRT Tracker, our secured database and reporting tool.

MRT Tracker is designed to be efficient, useful, fast, and focused on providing fluid analysis results in a format that supports maintenance decisions to maximize equipment runtime. Our tool helps you prioritize the most critical issues. We want the return on investment for your oil analysis program to be in the triple digits – straight forward to calculate, and easy to justify. This vision has driven the design of every custom built page of the application. Click here for access to our Demo Site.

Generate Best in Class Fluid Analysis Reports

On every fluid analysis report you’ll see the equipment and fluid location at the top of the page, followed by a written evaluation by an MRT technical professional with an active CLS certification, and then followed by the testing results of the six most recent samples from that sample location in descending chronological order. On every report we list the abnormal alarm thresholds for each test result for a comparison.

When available, we provide results for the same tests on an unused sample of the same exact fluid. Premium testing results, such as MPC, Ruler, or RPVOT, appear on the second page of each report and they have their own calendar since premium testing is performed typically on a less frequent interval. Any additional images of the sample and any microscopic analysis appears on following pages of a report. Click here to generate an example oil analysis report.

Create Custom Summary Reports for Department Meetings

For every batch of samples that we analyze, clients receive a set of reports and an Exception Report. The Exception Report succinctly lists the findings of all samples with a test result that is out of specification. Use MRT Tracker to customize this report for quarterly or annual meeting presentations. Track whether the overall number of fluid analysis alarms trended up or down over the period. Prioritize the severity of the alarms. In other words, dramatically shorten the time to prepare for maintenance planning and budgeting meetings. Click here and go to Lab Results Summary to generate a sample results summary for any date range.

Lessen the Hassle of Sample Collection

Does this situation occur at your facility? It's time to pull monthly oil samples and you need a pull sheet and bottle labels. There's a separate lube technician for each unit, each requiring their own set of bottle labels and pull sheet checklist. They are only pulling monthly samples on this round and do not want bottle labels for the Quarterlies. Each lube technician needs the pull sheet and labels in a different order on the page. This task is easily accomplished using MRT Tracker. Click here and go to Pull Sheet and Labels to generate a customized set of labels and a pull sheet.

Update the Critical Equipment and Fluid Data Independently

Pull down and organize the fluid testing portfolio. Enhance the database with additional equipment specific data such as: gallons of fluid in service, date of last fluid change and filter change, filter micron size, and source of lubricant cooling. Input this data on your own and simultaneously provide more important information to the MRT technical team that assists with their sample evaluation. Click here and go to Equipment List to see how the equipment database is edited.

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