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Lubricate Your Garage Door Bearings

Avoid Catastrophic Garage Door Failure with Scheduled Lubrication Maintenance

Do you know anyone that works at an oil analysis laboratory that fails to lubricate the end plate bearings and spring on their overhead garage door? Well, you do now!

The cover image is one of the two roller bearings which had received no periodic lubrication maintenance over the past two years, and this was after the garage door mechanic professional advised that this easy quarterly maintenance was critical to avoid a catastrophic bearing or spring failure.

A new bearing end plate looks like this.

Fortunately, the replacement part is readily available, but the service is a meaningful expense that could easily have been avoided. Our garage door repair company recommends lubricating with WD-40, four times per year. I could not resist asking whether he thought WD-40 was actually a lubricant, but that question is better asked by someone already properly executing a preventive maintenance plan.

Please spray lubricate your garage door end bearings and spring on a regular basis if not already doing so!

Tue Jul 02 2024, by Ben Hartman, CLS
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